Old customs

Old traditions in Bašelj are not dead yet!

St. Nicholas Day processions

This custom is regulary maintained. Boys who dress as "parklej" (Krampuses) should not be married. They have a vivid white or brown fur clothing and larfe - masks - with a long red tongue and horns. Mandatory is also a small bag for contributions. Together with St. Nicholas they visit village houses and give gifts for the children, which must prove they know how to pray properly.

Carnival time masquerade

Children masquerade themselves and visit nearby houses. Local boys parade a statue of "mr. Pust" around village and gather firewood for his trial by fire procession. On the Carnival masquerade tuesday they prepare the bonfire.

St. Anthony

St. Anthony is a protector of animals. This holiday is celebrated in St. Nicholas in neighbouring village Mače. There we always walk up the hill to the Mass, where we leave little wooden statue of piglets around the altar asking for a blessing ina form of healthy livestock. Local meat products are sold on a traditional auction.

Easter time blessing

Easter time blessing of local homemade produce (ham, eggs, horseradish, walnut cake) takes place at village chapel.


Protector of our village is St. Lawrence, which has a feast on 10th od August. His church is on a hill above the village at elevation of 960 meters. This sunday we go to the Mass, after that we prepare lunch for our relatives.

Youth initialisation

When a boy is 15 or 16 years old then older boys perform an initialisation with varios tasks, so they can prove themselves being ready for manhood.

Local girl is getting married

The local boys negotiate "ransom" with the the groom. They make a barrier across the street and then the groom and bride must prove themselves worthy of marriage with some entertaining tasks.


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