We serve homemade local food such as air-dried meats, fresh cheese and seasonal vegetables from our garden. We provide with banquet service upon prior reservation for up to 45 persons.

Let's celebrate!

Beside guests who want to spend a day, a weekend, or a week or two on our farm, in winter or in summer, we are also always prepared to cook something for our home guests, who want to make a party for their friends and family when celebrating a birthday or another special occasion or even just a lunch on Sunday. We also organize meetings and prepare menus together with our guests. We welcome you with a brandy or a liquor in a special room which can accept 45 people. Cheers and happy birthday.

In the kitchen and in the garden

In the morning we have to take care of our animals, cows, calves, pigs, horses, a peacock and some chickens. Then we milk the cows and the fresh milk is brought to Dragicas kitchen where it miraculosly becomes an excellent home made cheese. All sorts of other dishes are made in her modern kitchen through her skilful hands and with the help of her mother Ivanka and daughter Martina. Fresh bread from the bread oven, potica (a traditional Slovene cake filled with walnuts), strudels and other sweet goodies. In the morning you can make arrangements for your meals; breakfast, lunch, dinner – whenever suits you.

In spring housevives cant wait until the young salad, chard, spinach and lambs lettuce comes out in the garden and in summer green, yellow or red pepper, aubergines, zucchini, pumpkins, leeks, carrots, French beans and tomatoes. In the green garden of Ivanka and Dragica, you can also find different spices and herbs, such as parsley and lustrek which cant be missed in a good homecooked beef soup. In the field out of village we also grow potatoes, cabbage, celery, beetroot and so on. Slovenians are known also by the fruit gardens, where we grow apple trees, pears, plums, cherries and nuts, a nut tree you can find almost near every old house in Bašelj.

In summer its time for marmelades, jams, compots and fresh fruit cakes made from, cranberries, strawberries, cherries and raspberries. And there is also time for fruit likoirs which are made out of home made brandy.

In autumn, when there comes time to pick some mushrooms, we passionate mushroom pickers walk between dark pine trees, tall bukve hoping to find lots of mushrooms which than can be cooked into a wonderful soup.

In winter you can brake some walnuts . Potica, a cake filled with home grown walnuts is the best. Wintertime is also the time for pork slaughtering. Fresh made meat products are made out of our traditional recepies. We also dry herbs from the garden or we pick them in the woods or in the meadows and these dry herbs make a wonderfull composition for our teas in cold and freezing winters. Your favourite tea, maybe mothers soul or bezeg? To get rid of your cold, Dragica will serve you a syrup made from pine tips.

Every season is good, may it be winter or autumn, spring or summer, there are always things you can do and good food is waiting for you. Homemade and homegrown, fresh, without chemicals or pesticides. Our guests know what is good for them.


Tourist farm Majerček
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Slovenia, Europe

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